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Are you one of many that would like to improve your facial appearance? Small enhancements like smoothing the jawline, removing loose neck skin, bringing fullness back to cheeks, removing eye bags, diminishing frown lines and or lifting the brow back to the proper position are commonly performed procedures that will turn back time – giving a refreshed appearance. In fact, facial plastic surgery is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery performed in the United States. We certainly see a lot of it here at Togba Ellis Plastic Surgery.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few options are if you want Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis to help rejuvenate your facial appearance.

Standard Facelift Surgery

One of the surgical options we offer is a standard facelift surgery. This rejuvenating procedure can turn back the clock up to 10 years. This is how it is done – the underlying soft tissue of the face is lifted to a higher position and the neck muscles are tightened. To further enhance your profile and create a smooth looking neckline, loose neck skin is re-positioned and excess skin is removed. There are also hidden, almost invisible incisions that will be made during your facelift surgery to remove excess facial skin around your ears. This results in a much smoother jawline and youthful appearance.

Fat Transfer

For many, if the skin is sagging, you may also experience the loss of that youthful fullness to your cheeks. By using your own body fat, fat transfer is a way of adding fullness back to those areas that need it such as the cheeks, temples and nasolabial folds. This procedure is commonly added to the facelift.

Eyelid Surgery

If you don’t think your entire face needs some help, you may want to consider eyelid surgery. Eyes are one of the areas that first begins to show signs of aging, and one of those signs is sagging skin around, and on, your eyelids. Another unwanted characteristic is puffiness under the eyes. An eyelid surgery removes that skin in the upper eyelids and the puffiness below and gives your eyes that healthy, beautiful appearance you want to help you look – and feel – younger.

If you think you need facial rejuvenation, or want to consider other options, then please contact us today at 888-811-4829.