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Breast Augmentation

There was a time when bigger was always better and that was certainly true with breast augmentation.  It was not uncommon for patients to ask for implants that would make them significantly larger than a “D” cup even if the proportion did not match their physique.  Going beyond the recommended range or size of implants could in fact cause the skin to stretch too soon as well as the appearance of unsightly visible blood vessels.

 In our consultations, I assist patients in trying on implants so that they can visualize their results.  It is the best way for patients to see their breasts in relationship to their shoulders, waistlines, hips, thighs, and buttock areas. 

Lately, I have noticed a new trend.  Patients are choosing sizes that naturally fit their frames.  They want natural looking results so that no-one knows, unless they decide to tell.  Since both silicone and saline implants are FDA approved, women like the feel of the silicone implants as they closely resemble natural breasts.

In the end, these patients are the happiest with their results.  After breast augmentation, many patients say they go bra-less in tank tops.  They can continue with whatever physical activities they enjoy.  They look great in their clothes and can rock a bikini!  Most importantly, they feel good about themselves.

Dr. Joseph Togba is a contributor to this blog.