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We are all aging.  Whether I appreciate aging or not, doesn’t matter because it’s happening, so I surrender, sort of…

And the battle begins.

At age 51 I now see my mother and father’s forehead lines and deep nasolabial folds.  My cheeks and brows are also flatter than they once were.  Where my face was once almond shaped, now it’s a rectangle. Proud to say, I am looking more like my parents.

With an upcoming social occasion, I need to look great in 2 weeks.  Not having any down time to take off from work for a full facial rejuvenation and needing a quick fix, here is my plan:

I will up my skin care game and have a Radiant Skin Peel.  My skin will look smoother with a more vibrant and even complexion.

Now let’s talk about how to handle those wrinkles:  Botox to my forehead and between my brow will take about 5 days to work and will naturally soften those lines.  This alone will do wonders with the Radiant Peel.

I’m not finished yet.  By using Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks, I get instant volume, not too much, but just enough to look youthful again.  A Radiesse filler to the smile lines and in less than 1 hour, I have a rejuvenated look and without any downtime.

You know how it is when you feel great, you look great.  I think I’m ready!!!

(contributed by Melody Marigny, Dr. Togba’s Patient Counselor)