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Over the past 11 years I have interviewed many women that have considered breast reduction and have walked many women through the surgical process from their first phone call to their last post-operative visit.  Recently, while sending out a breast reduction patient’s before and after photos I thought about some of the same comments I hear and thought this would be a helpful blog for women that are thinking about this procedure.

Top 3 comments I hear from patients after breast reduction surgery:

1.       I should have had this procedure done years ago? 

Many patients are very nervous about reducing the size of their breasts.  This concern coupled with the thought of having a general anesthetic can create anxiety.  After a full consultation with your plastic surgeon, ask to speak with patients that have gone through the breast reduction experience.  Most patients are really very open and happy to share their thoughts and personal opinions about breast reduction.

2.       I  immediately felt relief from shoulder and neck pain.

It is common for women with large breasts to have shoulder grooves, neck and upper back pain.  By simply reducing the weight (size) of each breast, the effect is immediately noted, even on the day of surgery.

3.       I feel great and have started exercising.

Aesthetically, after breast reduction, women are very pleased with their new physique.  Having shapely, lifted breasts allows them to wear the clothes they would never consider.   With breasts that are lighter and proportioned to their frame, many feel comfortable and are encouraged by their outcome to start walking and exercising.