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Sarah recently lost 72 pounds and could not be happier. She reached this goal by making small changes in eating habits, and with consistency, her weight gradually decreased. She has maintained her weight of 158 pounds for over 2 years now and she still feels great. Her big concern is the excess, loose skin on her arms. “I’d feel even better if I could get rid of this saggy skin on my arms,” she says. Contouring or reshaping Sarah’s upper arms with an arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty, is the best solution.

An arm lift surgery with Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis will remove the fat and excess skin on the arms, resulting in a smooth, contoured appearance. Don’t worry — this is all done under sedation in our office operating suite or under general anesthesia. After your treatment, as with all surgeries, there will be some slight bruising and swelling which will dissipate in about one to two weeks. We always suggest walking after surgery to hasten your recovery time.

If you are ready to tighten your upper arms, you should think about a Brachioplasty procedure. Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis are ready to help you reshape your arms. To schedule an appointment for arm lift surgery in Oakland, California, or for other cosmetic surgeries, please contact us at 888-811-4829 now. Drs. Togba and Ellis and the whole team here at Togba Ellis Plastic Surgery will be excited to see you!