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After years of research, the field of implant technology is advancing. Have you heard of the Ideal Implant? Ideal Implants are safer, natural-feeling implants that have become available only recently. If you’re looking for increased peace of mind about implants, the Ideal Implants could be right for you.


While traditional implants are at risk for rupture and deflation, Ideal Implants are designed for safety and longevity. The patented design of Ideal Implants allows for a reduction of wrinkling and folding in implants, which are considered by many to be the primary reasons for the rupture and deflation of implants. And unlike traditional implants, which are composed of silicone, Ideal Implants are composed of saline, which is harmless to the body. Each Ideal Implant comes with a limited warranty.


Ideal Implants are some of the most natural-feeling breast implants available. Each Ideal Implant breast implant contains an outer shell, baffle shells, an inner shell, and outer and inner lumens. Additionally, Ideal Implants have lower edges that allow better contouring to the chest, and each implant requires a smaller incision than traditional implants do. The result of this advanced design is realism in the texture and feeling of the breast.

Are you ready for natural-feeling, safer breast implants? Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis are experienced in providing clients Ideal Implants in Oakland, California. If you’re ready for safer implants, please contact our office for saline breast implants in Oakland, California, by contacting us at 888-811-4829 now.