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Sporting a figure that you can be proud of can boost your self-image and change your life in a relative instant with the help of breast augmentation. At TogbaEllisPlasticSurgery, we have seen firsthand how breast augmentation surgery has given our patients a new lease on life. Let’s take a look!

Breast augmentation offers the following benefits:

1 Achieve a balanced figure: creating the body-image of your dreams can begin with having outpatient breast augmentation surgery. You don’t have to be hospitalized which not only saves you time but costs as well.

2 Fuller, shapely breasts: our implants can give you an ultra-feminine contour by using silicone gel or saline filled implants from one of our three quality manufacturers: Allergan, Ideal Implant, or Mentor. You can choose low, medium, or high profile implants depending on your needs.

3 Regain your shape after weight loss or pregnancy: we can help you realign your figure with the help of implants to create the shape you desire after pregnancy or weight loss which may have left your breasts sagging. Our breast augmentation, coupled with a breast lift, can add full shape and the perkiness that you desire.

If you would like to see how you would look with an augmentation before having the procedure, now you can! Through the technological advances of Crisalix 3D photo imaging–a software program that displays the “new you” with different implants styles and sizes, you can see what you will look like from the convenience of your own home.

So take a look! Get Start your 3D consultation here: 3D Consultation

Are you ready to transform your life with a breast augmentation? If you are ready to speak with Dr. Togba or Dr. Ellis about the possibility of a breast augmentation, we invite you to call 888-811-4829 today. Together we will help you restore your self-confidence and live a fuller life!