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Dear Dr. Togba,

Q.  I’m an African-American male in my 30s. I don’t like my nose because it is flat and wide with flaring nostriles. I want a nose that better suits my face: strong and not so wide. How would you accomplish this?

A. I have performed rhinoplasties on cases very similar to yours. Your description and desires would lead me to believe that you want the bridge of your nose made higher, the base narrower, and the tip project more. To achieve a taller bridge, incisions are made inside the outer rim of the nostrils. Portions of cartilage are repositioned to bild up the bridge and project the tip. If necessary, pieces of bone or cartilage from other areas such ash the skull, rib, or ear can be used. To narrow the base, wedges of skin are removed from the base of each nostril. The outer rims are attached closer to the center leaving minute scars where the edges were stitched together.

Dr. T