Eyelid Lift in Oakland by Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis

Are you hiding behind eyewear? It’s time to put away your glasses and show off those beautiful eyes!

Our eyes are the most noticeable part of our face and one of the first areas to show telltale signs of aging. This means the upper eyelids can begin to develop excessive skin that sags or folds over the crease, upsetting the natural look of our upper eyelids and making our eyes appear sad. This excess eyelid skin can also develop fat deposits that make our lids appear puffy. Lower eyelids, meanwhile, can present lower lid fat or puffiness (eye bags), which in some cases can also show up as dark circles. As we age, those with thin skin can form lower lid wrinkles and droop excessively, exposing too much of the white in their eyes.

These unwanted symptoms are not always age related. Genetics plays a role in determining the shape of the eyes, hooded upper eyelids, and puffiness (fat deposits) under the eyes that form bags.

Thankfully, eyelid surgery done by plastic surgery Oakland specialists Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis can help. Instead of looking tired, we can help you look alert and refreshed. The procedure, which is medically known as a blepharoplasty, can help reverse the look of tiredness in your upper and lower eyelids, rejuvenate your eyelids, and provide a more youthful appearance to your face.

What does eyelid surgery involve?

The eyelid surgery itself will see an incision placed along the natural line of the upper eyelid and underneath the lower eyelid’s lashes. A local anesthetic will be used. Depending on the patient’s needs, fat from the eyelids will be removed and sculpted to erase eye bags and eyelid drooping. Stitches are then used to close the incisions.

The procedure normally takes one to two hours, varying in accordance with the patient’s specific needs.

Who is an ideal candidate for blepharoplasty?

Those experiencing unwanted signs of aging, have excess eyelid skin, or who have excessive fat pockets around their eyes are ideal candidates. Under-eye puffiness can be hereditary, so many patients start this procedure in their late 20s.

Other procedures complement eyelid surgery

For optimal results, some patients may require a forehead lift (brow lift) in conjunction with their eyelid procedure. Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis also perform facelift and fat grafting procedures.

Booking a consultation with your Oakland plastic surgeon

Patients need to have realistic expectations about the results an eyelid lift will bring. Before surgery, each patient will undergo a thorough consultation so that Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis can understand the unique needs of their face and to ensure the patient has realistic expectations about potential surgery results.

What is the recovery process after eyelid surgery?

Patients should expect mild pain lasting a handful of days, which can be treated with pain medication. There will also typically be mild bruising lasting up to two weeks. Patients should relax at home after the procedure and avoid straining their eyes by watching television or reading for long periods of time. They should also keep their head elevated while sleeping to reduce swelling and bruising.

Most patients can resume work after about one week post-surgery, and non-strenuous exercise can be resumed after one to two weeks. More strenuous activities should be avoided for at least one month.

For more information on how eyelid surgery in the Oakland, California area can rejuvenate your look, contact Dr. Joseph N. Togba and Dr. Chandra V. Ellis today!

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.*