Forehead Lift Surgery in Oakland

Our faces are the first thing people see when they look at us, in particular the eye area, and are the most visible parts of our bodies to show signs of aging. Forehead lift surgery – also known as brow lift – is a cosmetic procedure used to help revitalize the area above the eyes to leave you with a more youthful appearance.

Over time the natural aging process, effects of gravity, and exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays will take their toll on your facial appearance, resulting in lines and wrinkles that can become permanent creases in the forehead. What’s more, gravity causes the eyebrows to droop, resulting in a tired, sad, or even angry appearance. These natural processes can be reversed with an expertly done forehead lift from experienced Oakland plastic surgeons Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis. The result is that lines and wrinkles on the forehead, along with drooping eyebrows, can be corrected, giving you a younger appearance.

What is brow lift surgery?

A forehead lift, or brow lift, lets you undo the signs of aging above your eyes. Forehead lift surgery can correct drooping eyebrows, repair forehead lines and wrinkles, and open the eyes for a revived look.

A forehead lift can be done using several techniques, the selection of which will depend on the unique characteristics of your brows, hair, and forehead shape. They are performed under local or general anesthesia. The endoscopic brow lift requires tiny, well-hidden incisions in the hairline above your ears. Using the minimally invasive endoscope (a cannula or tube with a tiny camera on the end), forehead muscles, which can make an angry expression, are readjusted and drooping eyebrows are repositioned. The skin is then lifted into a new proper position and muscles tightened.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a brow lift?

A brow lift can result in major improvements to patients who have lowered eyebrows, eyebrow arches that have flattened or slope outward, extra upper eyelid skin descending over your eyelids (hooded eyelids), and those with lines on their forehead.

As signs of aging usually do not appear on our foreheads until we are in the middle stretch of life, most patients are middle aged or older.

Other cosmetic procedures Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis perform to rejuvenate the appearance

Did you know that many patients choose to have a combination of procedures when they have a brow lift? Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis also offer facelift surgery and eyelid surgery to reverse the signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance.

What to expect in a consultation

Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis are board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive cosmetic surgery experience. They will have an in-depth consultation with each patient to determine which technique is best for their specific needs.

What is the recovery period after forehead lift surgery?

Forehead lift surgery generally has a very quick recovery. Most patients return to work in about two weeks, while the more natural, rested look on their forehead is typically apparent almost immediately after the procedure.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.*