Cosmetic surgery patients make the best choices when they are informed. Although the definitive source of guidance for your particular issue is your plastic surgeon, it is best to educate yourself prior to your first consultation and arrive with a list of appropriate questions. Many patients begin with a particular concern and seek to translate this into a plastic surgery procedure solution. Here are the first steps:

    • Special Cosmetic Events (Seminars)
      Covering a specific area of interest (facial surgery or mommy makeovers, for example), our seminars cover a particular topic in detail, with the presentation of extensive before-and-afters used to illustrate each solution. Small seminars with our surgeons allow patients the opportunity to ask specific questions, and often more importantly, to hear the questions others ask. These seminars offer one of the best opportunities to get to know Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis and get a lot of information prior to an actual consultation. Make a reservation for one of our upcoming seminars.
    • Cosmetic Surgery Blog
      We often search for an answer to a specific question, and many of your questions have already been addressed in the surgeon’s blog. We welcome you to search through the archived blogs or look at the most recent posts.
    • Talk with our Patient Counselor
      Our patient counselors, Melody and Erikka, have combined fifteen years of experience in speaking with patients just like you. They can answer all of your questions, schedule consultations, advise you regarding advanced skincare procedures, and guide you through the entire process. Call Melody or Erikka at 888-811-4829 or email your questions.

    To learn more about how to find the plastic surgeon in Oakland, California, that is right for you, we invite you to contact us today.

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