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Dear Dr. Togba,

Q.  Can you tell me if women who have their breasts enlarged are usually happy with the results? Also, what are the main reasons they want it done?

A. Breast enlargement surgery, called augmentation mammaplasty, is the second most frequently performed plastic surgery procedure on women. A study of 592 breast implant patients, conducted in the early 1990s, found that 95 percent were satisfied with the results; the same percentage said they would definitely or probably choose surgery again. Different reasons motivate women to have this surgery. Some women with they had larger breasts. Other having size breasts just seek an increase of one cup size to improve their self image. And some find their breast size decreased after pregnancy and want their former shape and volume restored. Both saline and silicone implants are commonly used. There are three main ways to insert the implants. The surgeon can make the incision either in the armpit, under the breast where it meets the chest, or at some point around the edge of the areola. I prefer the armpit incision as it reduces the risk of losing nipple sensation and hides the scar away from the breast. Implants are centered beneath the nipples, either directly behind the soft breast tissue or underneath the chest muscle. Surgery takes one to two hours and most patients can return to work after five days.