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mommy makeover

More and more women are showing interest in plastic surgery after having children to restore their youthful figure. Postpartum body contouring, which is often called the mommy makeover, addresses multiple areas of the body that are affected by pregnancy. Depending on your individual needs and desires, your mommy makeover in Oakland, California, may include one or more of the following procedures:

– Breast Augmentation
– Breast Reduction
– Breast Lift
– Liposuction
– Tummy Tuck
– Thigh Lift
– CoolSculpting®

Your mommy makeover at our office will be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are concerned about loose skin or stretch marks on the tummy, sagging in the breasts, flabby abdominal muscles, or loss of fullness or size in the breasts, Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis is here to help you meet your goals for your appearance.

During your consultation with our plastic surgeon, they will help you determine which of our outstanding services are best suited to your needs. Together, you will form your plan for your mommy makeover.

In most cases, mommy makeovers are performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The length of treatment varies based on which procedures are included in your treatment plan. Some or all of the procedures included in your mommy makeover may be able to be completed in a single surgery. However, our plastic surgeon may recommend separating some procedures by a few days or weeks to ensure that you reach optimal results.

The length of the recovery period after a mommy makeover will depend on which procedures were involved. Your mommy makeover treatment plan will be unique. Our nurse will design your post-operative plan to ensure that you are comfortable and heal quickly after your procedure.

For more information about the mommy makeover and to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact our office today, 888-811-4829.

Dr. Joseph Togba was a contributor to this particular article.