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Cell Cryopreservation

Ever thought of saving your fat cells for future use?

I recently went to a conference in San Francisco hosted by AdiCyte, a company in Arizona that banks your fat cells (Adipose tissue) for future use.  This sounds like real advanced medicine, but in fact, they have over 20 years in cell cryopreservation.

Latent in your fat is a huge supply of stem cells that can be harvested and stored for years to come.  Stem cells are the source of the diverse cells in your body, so you can imagine the benefits.  According to AdiCyte, stem cells can be used to regenerate the heart, grow new blood vessels, bladders and tracheas for replacement of diseased or damaged organs.  For aesthetic purposes, the harvested cells can be saved to add volume to the face or augment breasts.

Of course, the younger you are when you bank your cells, the more viableFacial Rejuvenation they will be when you need them.  If you are 20 years old when your cells are cryopreserved, they will be 20 years old when you use them in the future.  Once the cells are cryopreserved, the aging process stops.  Sounds unbelievable!  This is truly turning back the clock.  Patients having liposuction may want to consider this option.  By banking your fat cells, in years to come you can use them for facial rejuvenation or they may even save your life.

Dr. Joseph Togba is a contributor to this blog.