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Karen, our office administrator, had a facelift. Here is part II of her step by step account. Everything you want to know firsthand.


I am three months post op and I’m continuing to improve. My face is back to its original shape which is pear. I liked it a little rounder but that is not the “real me.” I am so pleased with my results. When I look in the mirror, my jowls are gone and my face has a fresh appearance. Prior to having this procedure, my family did not understand why? Now, they notice the difference and I get a lot of compliments from them and acquaintances. My younger sister is considering a facelift surgery now.

I usually have a problem with scars but they are barely noticeable. Last week, Dr. Togba injected the scars behind my ears, since they are slightly raised, but they are shrinking. My face was firm in the beginning and somewhat numb but every week it changes for the better. I still feel a slight numbness near my ears and under my chin. I also have some itching, which is a sign of healing, with some tenderness. The smile lines around my eyes are non-existent, which I love. Previously, I needed to have injections in that area with Botox, but not anymore.

I feel great and look 10-15 years younger. I was teasing with Dr. Togba last week and told him I was going to trade my man in for a younger model. I couldn’t be happier with my results; Dr. Togba is truly an artist.