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The Benefits of Ear Surgery
If you’re not completely satisfied with how your ears look, you’re far from alone. Most adults who feel that there is just something too visible or large about their ears actually have the diagnosis “Prominent Ears”. Plastic Surgeons have been reconstructing ears since 900BC and the surgery required to position the ears more towards the head is called “Otoplasty”. Our team here at the office of Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis in Oakland, CA provides this surgery to many satisfied patients.

Otoplasty, addresses issues with the shape, and position of ears on the head. The operation can be performed by Dr. Togba or Dr. Ellis on an outpatient basis.

What does the surgery entail?
The procedure involves placing small, well hidden, incisions behind the auricle (large flap portion) of the ear and suturing them to the tissue behind the ear on the head. At the end of surgery, a small head band will be in place for at least a week to help the ears heal in their new position. The result is prominent ears are repositioned close to the head bringing symmetry to the face and other features for an improved and pleasing appearance.

What does recovery look like?
Recovery usually takes about a week, although as with any plastic surgery procedure, you’ll experience some discomfort and bruising for about three weeks afterwards. Return to work can occur in about a week.

If you’re ready to improve the appearance of ears and your appearance, give us a call today at 888-811-4829 to schedule a consultation appointment. We will be happy to discuss your specific concerns about your ears.