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Q:  I have a sunken look to my under eye area and I am looking for a solution to fill my tear troughs.

A:  Your concern regarding the loss of volume in the tear troughs and cheeks is what drive many patients to seek a filler solution.  You have several options to consider:

1) hyaluronic acid fillers as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, etc. which are effective for up to a year.  These are all reversible if you don’t like the results.

2) Radiesse, for the cheeks, which will last for 18 months.  Not reversible.

3) Sculptra, a volumizer that stimulates your body to produce collagen with results that last for two years.  Not reversible.

4) Fat grafting which can last for years. The fat is taken from your body and injected into your face.  You will need a skilled plastic surgeon who has done many of these procedures.

All of the above options can produce excellent results in the hands of a skilled physician.   The physician you see can help you decide which product(s) to use and areas to fill.