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Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to lose that extra weight and you’re back to being healthy.

There’s just one problem – you now have a lot of excess skin and fat remaining, even though you’re down to your target weight. How is that possible?

It’s actually pretty common, and Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis sees many patients who’ve lost weight yet still have loose skin and fat on various parts of their body

If this is the case for you, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis to determine which procedure will best serve your needs.

Weight Loss Procedures

Over the last 25 years, we’ve helped patients take that final step to achieve their best body appearance. Some of the procedures that will help you reach your body image goals are:

• Extended Tummy Tuck
• Body Lift
• Liposuction
• Breast Lift or Reduction
• Breast Augmentation
• Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)
• Thigh Lift
• Facelift

A body lift will remove excess skin and fat from your belly, hips, back, lower torso and upper legs. This procedure – as well as arm, breast, and thigh lifts, and tummy tucks – aren’t meant to be a weight-loss procedure; rather, they’re meant to complement your weight loss and give you the toned, contoured body you deserve after all your hard work.


Recovery after having any sort of body contouring procedure can vary, but on average is 2-3 weeks.During your initial consultation, Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis will do his best to give you a thorough understanding of what you can expect during and after your surgery.

Contact Our Office to Schedule a Consultation

If you have excess skin you would like to remove, whether from the arms, abdomen, breasts or thighs, please call us at 888-811-4829 to schedule an appointment.