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Dear Dr. Togba,

Q.  A lot of my girlfriends have had their breasts enlarged. I like how some of them look and not others. One friend has breasts that sit up "too high" on her chest. Another friend’s breasts look fake; you can see the implants. Yet several of my friends have beautiful, natural-looking breasts that simply look several sizes larger than they had before. That’s what I want. Please tell me how you would ensure surgically that I get the look I want.

A. These less than satisfactory results can be avoided, in my most cases, by selecting the surgical approach appropriate for your situation. Let me first address the problem of implants sitting "too high"on the chest. Many women seeking breast enlargement surgery do not have distance between the areolar complex (nipple) and the bottom of their breast to increase their size as much as they might like. The patient has much more latitude with sizing if the surgeon she selects has experience with lowering the infra-mammary crease (crease created as the breast hangs against the chest wall). This increases the breast envelope size, which allows the space for the larger implant. The final result is a naturally-hanging breast where the breast implant does not sit high on the chest. By using this technique and also placing most implants under the muscle, it helps to produce a natural appearance as well as disguise the implant, thus avoiding the "fake" look which you mentioned. I have performed more than 1,000 breast surgeries and learned how these techniques can improve the result. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a greatest deal of breast surgery experience can offer you these options. At my office you can view before-and-after books showing all types of breast surgery.

Dr. T