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Dear Dr. Togba,

Q.  I’m only in my late 30s but I’m interested in having my breasts lifted. I like my B-cup size but I want to have my natural sagging reduced. Is it possible to do this small breast lift with minimal scars?

 A. You’ll be happy to know there is a surgery approach which leaves little appearance of a scar because the incision is placed at the edge of the areolae. It’s called a donut mastopexy. The incision is made at the junction between the nipple’s edge and the regular breast skin. The scar then blends into this natural line. The appropriate candidates are smaller-breasted women with average sagging, such as yourself. In some cases, a breast implant can provide increased fullness not achievable with just a breast uplift. To better understand who might be a candidate and the possible result, we have before-and-after photos to view at my office.

Dr. T