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Dear Dr. Togba,

Q.  I have an unusual situation: I work for a fashion company as a sales representative but I can’t do justice to their beautiful dresses. I am quite flat-chest a very small A cup. I would like to wear one of these shapely leather dresses to a sales meeting; it would help me close the sale. I’ve been considering a breast augmentation for a long time and thought you might be able to understand my very real concern with clothing fitting properly. In your experience, are patients happy with their results? Will they look natural? And, being fair-skinned, I’m concerned about the scars.


A. Breast enlargement surgery, called augmentation mammaplasty, is the second most frequently performed plastic surgery procedure on women. A study of 940 breast implant patients, conducted in 2007, found that 95 percent were satisfied with the results. There are three common ways to insert the implants. The surgeon can make the incision either in the armpit, under the breast where it meets the chest, or at some point around the edge of the areola. Implants are centered beneath the nipples, either directly behind the soft breast tissue or underneath the chest muscle. Proper implant selection for the patient’s body type and proper placement determine how natural the result. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons with years of breast surgery experience are best qualified to achieve these results. Dr. T