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Dear Dr. Togba,

Q.  I am a woman in my mid-40s who used to be very obese. I underwent a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure one year ago and have lost over 100 pounds. My health is much improved, but nobody told me that I would have loose, hanging rolls of skin everywhere. When I’m unclothed looking in the mirror, I really dislike the rolls of skin. Many of my friends in my bariatric support group complain of a similar problem. What can be done to help?

 A. Developing loose, hanging skin throughout the body is very common after losing a large amount of weight, for example, after bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass or Lap Band. Body contouring procedures such as the body lift (also known as the belt lipectomy), breast lift, thigh thift, arm lift, facelift, and necklift can help remove the extra skin.

Dr. T