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Dear Dr. Togba,

Q.  I would like to increase the size of my breasts, but not with Breast Implants.  Is there a procedure that will use my own body fat to augment my breasts?

 A.  At the recent Plastic Surgery Meeting in Seattle, WA, emphasis was placed on less invasive procedures that allow patients to return to the work force earlier.  One of the more interesting topics was the use of fat harvested during liposuction to augment or improve the shape of other parts of the body.  

The use of fat for enhancement of the breast contour is not a novel idea.  It was proposed in the early eighties when liposuction was first introduced but the concept rapidly fell into disfavor because of concerns of destroying the normal architecture of the breast that could lead to misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis of breast cancer.  Studies now show that adding fat to the breast mound does not obscure mammography, do not cause the development of suspicious masses and the majority of the transplanted fat survived with a natural feel.  Grafting was also used after breast lifts to provide fullness to the upper poles of the breast mound, an effect that is difficult to obtain with silicone implants.   Finally, fat grafts were also used in reconstructive procedures in patients that had undergone lumpectomies to fill in minor or major defects of the breast – a usually difficult reconstructive process. 

Buttock rejuvenation with fat also was a topic of presentations.  Now that the “Brazilian Butt Lift” has become more of a requested procedure, attempts to standardize the procedure and produce more predictable results have been developed.

As fat grafting for facial atrophy associated with ageing is now the standard in many practices, it is likely that the use of fat for the breasts and buttock will be part of the main stream of many practices in the near future.

Dr. T