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If you suffer from back pain or shoulder pain from your bra straps, you are not alone. Thousands of people struggle with back pain caused by overly large breasts which also causes serious discomfort. Luckily, Dr. Togba and Dr. Ellis are able to help relieve you of your back pain and stress through a breast reduction.

Having smaller and lighter breasts can improve the pressure and weight that is causing the pain in your back and shoulders. To begin the process of having a breast reduction, you start with a consultation. During this consultation, your surgeon will be able to answer your questions and provide insight into your particular needs.

After the appointment, if a breast reduction is a right path for you, then the procedure will be scheduled. The recovery period is normally around two weeks after surgery. With a breast reduction, incisions are necessary but can be hidden under your bra and over time, will fade significantly.

If you are interested in improving your figure and decreasing your back pain, call us today at 888-811-4829 to set up a consultation with us in Oakland, CA. Our professional team is always happy to take your call and assist you in any way we can.