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Luscious, Long Lashes

That Are Not False

But Naturally Yours

Eyelash Treatment Before & After

Latisse is the new FDA approved eyelash treatment to lengthen, thicken and darken eyelashes.  If you want sultry, seductive lashes, this really works.  The company that makes this product is Allergan, the same people that bought us Botox.  One day our sales rep came into our office with lashes that seemed a mile long.  We were immediately drawn to them.  After careful examination, we found out it was not mascara or falsies, but her actual lashes.  She gave us all the information we needed about Latisse.  So, to put Latisse to the test, we did our own investigation.  Our office administrator, Karen, and nurse were the first to try Latisse.  Their lashes never fail to elicit “beautiful eyes and such long eyelashes” compliments.  Many of our patients are using Latisse and we can’t keep it on the shelf.  See the results.

Melody Askey

Patient Counselor for Dr. Joseph Togba