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Dear Dr. Togba

Q.  Breast Augmentation seems to be a popular procedure. I’ve done my research and found that there are several ways to do the surgery. What technique do you use? How do I determine which method is best?

 A. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 340,000 Breast Augmentations were performed in 2007. As your research suggested, Breast Augmentation can be done through a variety of approaches such as around the areola, through the crease under the breast, the umbilical depression, or the underarm (axilla). The plastic surgeon you choose will usually have a preference to the technique that is used. Although I am comfortable using any of these approaches, I prefer the underarm incision. Through a very small incision in the axilla, I use an endoscope or camera, which allows me to establish a pocket under the breast for placement of the implant. For more natural results, I place the implant under the chest muscle. The advantages to the axillary approach are:

 • Patients maintain full breast sensation

 •There are no scars on the breasts nor incisions into the breasts

• There is no interference with milk production

•The incision in the underarm hid and fade for many to the point of invisibility

I’ve used the endoscope in my practice since 1992. I perform several Endoscopic Breast Augmentations weekly and have successfully performed two thousand since the beginning of my practice. My recommendation when looking for this particular approach is to make sure your plastic surgeon has experience with the endoscope. This my preferred method for Natural Looking Breasts.

Dr. T