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Patient Counselor Oakland
Melody can answer your questions about specific procedures and how they can address your situation.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

We offer a wide array of plastic surgery procedures to address nearly every facial or body concern you might have. We have divided them into easy-to-understand categories:

You will begin this process with your own research and assumptions as to which procedure is most appropriate, but they will evolve. It is important to see before-and-after photos with a patient counselor or plastic surgeon explaining exactly what was addressed and why. Real case histories always tell the story best. Patients invariably learn that their desired result might be achieved with a different procedure or group of procedures than they initially thought. Similarly, patients become aware of what is possible and what is not. We often educate patients in terms of how not to “overdo” the surgery; we always strive for a natural result.

So start with the information below by category but also use the “intelligent search” engine at the top of the page. Input your concerns in your own words (i.e. “sagging neck”) and you’ll see that there may be several options to treat your problem. In a consultation, your surgeon will recommend the best option for your unique set of indications.