When a “Good Feeling” is not enough…

We are often bombarded with TV and radio advertisements and now-a-days, social media marketing schemes with companies vying for 1st position and best placement so that you, as the consumer, will constantly see their brand and develop a sense of familiarity and comfort. Those “feel good” ads tend to grab our attention and hang on the […]

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CoolSculpting as a Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared, Harvard developed technology that targets and freezes up to 25% of your fat cells. You can de-bulk an abdomen or contour your waistline, back and thighs. If you have diet and exercise resistant fat storage areas, then CoolSculpting may be the solution you are looking for. In short, here are the […]

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One of the Best Treatments for Scars

I recently attended a dinner conference at “One Market” Restaurant in San Francisco hosted by a company called “Neodyne,” the makers of Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy. Some of the top concerns I hear in consultations for plastic surgery procedures such as, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Reductions, and Tummy Tucks are, “How will my scar look” […]

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Here is Karen, our office administrator, taking advantage of a Belotero injection!

Karen has been complaining of small hallow areas above her jawline.  So, today is the day she gets them fixed by Dr. Togba with a Belotero injection. What is Belotero?  It is a hyaluronic Dermal Gel Filler used to smooth lines and wrinkles and fill in small depressed areas on the face.  It is manufactured […]

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Thank You for Your Overwhelming Response to Our Wine & Cheese Open House

We would like to thank everyone for your overwhelming response to our Wine & Cheese Open House. We enjoyed a wonderful evening of great food & wine, great company, great live entertainment and best of all Rejuvenation for the New Year! Also a special thanks to our supporters, Allergan (the makers of Latisse & Botox), […]

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Why Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter?

We have over 1000 followers on Facebook and over 2000 on twitter. Stay up to date on the latest cosmetic surgery news. There are new technologies and treatments to explore weekly and we make every effort to bring you the absolute truth about what works in the area of Facial Rejuvenation and Body Contouring. Feel […]

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What is trending with Breast Augmentation?

There was a time when bigger was always better and that was certainly true with breast augmentation.  It was not uncommon for patients to ask for implants that would make them significantly larger than a “D” cup even if the proportion did not match their physique.  Going beyond the recommended range or size of implants […]

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Want to know what to consider before a Tummy Tuck?

“27 years ago, I had my 10 pound baby which left me with an unsightly vertical C-Section Scar and a Kangaroo pouch. I promised myself someday I would get a new tummy. Years later, I inherited some money and had my long desired abdominoplasty. It is now 4 years later; I am 53 now and […]

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3 Tips to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Have you always wanted a tummy tuck after having your children or breast augmentation before the summer?  Or maybe you want to have a facelift before you turn __?  If you’ve thought about having a plastic surgery procedure, but not sure where to begin; here are 3 tips to consider. 1.         Is your doctor a […]

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Brazilian Buttock Lift Frequently Asked Question

Q:  How much fat can you add to each buttock? A: The answer to this popular question is 600cc – 1 liter.  Think of a 1 liter bottle of Aquafina or soda.  The concern of injecting more than 1 liter into each buttock is that the excess fat may not have enough of a blood […]

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